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Tanaka Works H&K USP Railed
Heavy Weight Version

Extremely High Quality and Detail Made in Japan by Tanaka Works.

Tanaka Works H&K USP Railed Evolution
Brand New Model.

These are not made from Metal, Yes, I know, Jasper Co only does Metal Replicas, but we have made an exception for these exceptional replica pistols.

They are made from a Heavy Weight Plastic that is cold to the touch like metal, and similar in weight.

These are so good they could be used for training, and instructional purposes.  Field Strip, and Parts are almost identical to the original.

Includes :
- H&K USP Replica
- 5 Dummy Rounds

These amazing replicas field strip, just like the original, and cycle dummy rounds that are supplied.

Designed as a PFC ( Plug Fire Cap ) Gun, it is about as good as a replica can get.
Caps are not available in Austrlaia, and we sell these as replicas only.


$ 445.00 + P&H


History Of the H&K USP Pistol

The USP (Universelle Selbstladepistole or "universal self-loading pistol") is a semi-automatic pistol developed in Germany by Heckler & Koch GmbH (H&K) of Oberndorf am Neckar as a replacement for the P7 series of handguns.
Design work on a new family of pistols commenced in September 1989 focused primarily on the U.S. commercial and law enforcement markets. USP prototypes participated in rigorous testing alongside H&K's entry in the Offensive Handgun Weapon System (OHWS) program requested by the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) and which would later result in the Mk 23 Mod 0. The USP prototypes were then refined in 1992, based on input from the OHWS trials, and the design was finalized in December of the same year. The USP was formally introduced in January 1993 with the USP40 model (the base version) chambered for the increasingly popular .40 S&W cartridge, followed soon by the USP9 (using the 9×19mm Parabellum cartridge), and in May 1995—the USP45 (caliber .45 ACP). In contrast to the ambitious and innovative P7, P9S, and VP70Z designs, the USP uses a more conventional Browning-style cam-locked action, similar to that used in the Hi-Power and M1911 pistols - but with a polymer frame.

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