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  SHOEI Gewehr 43 "GEW43"   
Display Model   

Jasper Co is proud to announce the SHOEI GEW 43 .
The SHOEI GEW43 , is one the finest museum quality replicas available today.
Every Detail, Stampings, markings etc..

Full metal and Wood construction, in very high detail and quality.

This model has a replica Gas system, which is unique to this model.

This model has been designed and manufactured to meet the unique Australian Legal Requirements.
We wish to thank SHOEI for the hard work and dedication to develop this very unique version of the SHOEI GEW 43..

NOTE: Scope Shown is an optional extra.


$ 1980 + P&H



History Of the GEW43

Germany's quest for a semi-automatic infantry rifle resulted in two designs - the G41(M) and G41(W), from Mauser and Walther arms respectively. The Mauser design was introduced in 1941 and at least 12,755 were made, but it proved unreliable in combat. The Walther design fared better in combat but still suffered from reliability problems. In 1943 Walther combined a new modified gas system with aspects of the G41(W) providing greatly improved performance. It was accepted and entered into service as the Gewehr 43, renamed Karabiner 43 in 1944, with production amounting to just over 400,000 between 1943-1945.

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