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Static Display All Metal Tank
Introducing the all-new Mato Metal Tiger Tank from Mato Toys. World Renowned for its quality and accuracy to detail...

This work of art is made out of metal, and was developed with every detail in mind. Mato did their best to keep everything as the original, so in essence you are getting a Tiger I Tank in a 1:16 Scale.

Static Display

This Tiger I is a Static Display Piece.

This work of art is made out of metal, and sets a new benchmark in the Model Tank world.

This Tiger 1 comes without electronic parts, as we will provide customers the option of having a static model, or creating their own RC Tank. This way, you can keep it as a model on your mantel,bookshelf or fireplace.

If you want more of the hobby aspect, convert it into an fully functional RC Tank, powering its way up and down various surfaces. The Mato Metal Tiger Tank comes with the newest 2.0 version 3:1 Brass Gearboxes giving it immense power.

This tank can be a keepsake for you and your family, even passed on to the next generation with its outstanding quality. The authentic design of the tank was modelled after it is original with great care and precision.

The Mato Metal Tiger 1 Tank also comes with its own Aluminum carrying case. This will make it easier for many of our customers to take it around with them to the park, local hobby store/show, or to a friends house.

Painted n your choice of Colours or Not painted at all, as I prefer them, the MATO Tiger Tank is a true work of art for any display or collection.


Choice of Colours are, Battle Yellow, Battle Grey, and NOT Painted, in a plain original rough polished metal finish.   

1. Material: 100% metal
2. Static Display version
4. Size(including barrel):50*22.5*18.5(cm);
1)Idler wheels are adjustable

Package Includes
1) Tank   ( Fitted with 3:! Gearbox )
2) Aluminum Carry Case
3) Instruction Manual
4) Spare parts and for tracks
5) MATO Aluminum Transporter Case
6) MATO Individual Member ID Card
   Prices and Options...

Unpainted Tiger I

$ 950.00 + P&H

Yellow Battle Tiger I

$ 1050.00 + P&H

Grey Battle Tiger I

$ 1050.00 + P&H
We accecpt credit card via paypal, you do not require a paypal account.

Ultimately it is the responsibility of the purchaser to be correctly licensed to own and purchase many of these items.
We will ask for ID and Permits when required.

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