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MATO M36B1 FireFly
Ready to Run All Metal Tank

Introducing the all-new Mato Metal M36B1 FireFly Tank from Mato Toys. World Renowned for its quality and accuracy to detail...

This work of art is made out of metal, and was developed with every detail in mind. Mato did their best to keep everything as the original, so in essence you are getting a M36B1 FireFly Tank in a 1:16 Scale.

Ready To Run

This M36B1 FireFly is ready to run. This means all you need to do is charge the tank battery and add batteries to your Transmitter for it to run. No extra modifications, or setup needed to be made.

The Mato Metal M36B1 FireFly Tank comes with the 3:1 steel Gearboxes giving it immense power.

This tank can be a keepsake for you and your family, even passed on to the next generation with its outstanding quality. The authentic design of the tank was modelled after it is original with great care and precision.

The Mato Metal M36B1 FireFly Tank also comes with its own Aluminum carrying case. This will make it easier for many of our customers to take it around with them to the park, local hobby store/show, or to a friends house.


The sound with the MATO Tanks is amazing.. with Start Engine, Stop Engine, Turret Movement, Fire Cannon and Seperate Machine Gun... and many more sounds, all part of the exprience.... Totally amazing and easy to control with the Powerful 6 Channel Controller.


The MATO Tanks have all the same movements as the real thing, Forward/Back, of course Left and Right, with varying speed and degree... but you can also Rotate Turret, Raise and Lower Gun, Fire Cannon and Seperate Machine Gun, Turn Off and On Lights etc etc.... these are truely amazing out of the box.


Choice of Colours are, Battle Yellow, Battle Grey, and NOT Painted, in a plain original rough polished metal finish.   

1. Material: 100% metal
2. IR Shooting Tx/Rx Version
3. IR recoil version
1)Idler wheels are adjustable

Package Included
Ready to Run Version
1) Two or more IR tanks will be able to battle each other.
2) With panzer tank emulation sound: simulative motor start-up sound, engine sound, machine-gun sound, cannonball sound, emulational action effect.
3) Full scale RC function: Forward, reverse, left, right turn and spin; turret rotation and elevator; with lights
4)Idler wheels are adjustable

Package Includes
1) Tank
2) 2.4G 6 Channel Transmitter
3) 7.2V 3300 Mah NI-MH Battery
4) Battery Charger
5) Instruction Manual
6) Spare parts for tracks
7) MATO Aluminum Transporter Case
8) MATO Individual Member ID Card
   Prices and Options...

Unpainted M36B1 FireFly RTR

$ 1150.00 + P&H

Battle Green M36B1 FireFly RTR

$ 1250.00 + P&H
We accecpt credit card via paypal, you do not require a paypal account.

Ultimately it is the responsibility of the purchaser to be correctly licensed to own and purchase many of these items.
We will ask for ID and Permits when required.

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