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Gonher "Isreali" UZI SMG

Full Metal , almost full sized. Great Value.
This is a cap gun and will take the RED Round Ring CAPS.
Considered a toy in most countries, this is a very realistic replica, and is perfect for display.

Good cap gun reproductions of modern firearms are extremely rare. Most are plastic and bright colored.
This replica has the look as feel of the real thing, plus a unique ring-cap magazine mechanism.
Release the catch and the drum magazine flips up from the top, load 12 Shot Ring Caps (not included) on to the magazine and close to fire.

$ 135.00 + P&H


We accecpt credit card via paypal.

Ultimately it is the responsibility of the purchaser to be correctly licensed to own and purchase many of these items.
We will ask for ID and Permits when required.

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