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SIG SAUER P220 Replica Pistol
Full Metal

Extremely High Quality and Detail Made by YT Corp..

SIG SAUER P220 Replica Pistol
Brand New Model.
Made to the highest standards and quality,the SIG SAUER P Series are one our most popular replica pistols.
Fully Stamped, Full Weight, Full Metal, Fully Functional.
Will Cycle dummy rounds that are included in the package, and is one of the most robust and
recognisable modern hand guns we carry.
This is not a solid casting like other replica pistols, every button, switch and part works !!!!
You will not find a better REPLICA PISTOL ... F.P.U. Replicas.

Includes :
-SIG SAUER P220 Replica
- 5 Dummy Rounds

These amazing replicas field strip, just like the original, and cycle dummy rounds that are supplied.
The F.P.U. Range are Model Guns, and are not CAPS ( PFC ) Guns.

$ 445.00 + P&H


History Of the SIG SAUER P220 Pistol

The SIG Sauer P220 is a semi-automatic pistol made by SIG Sauer. Designed in Switzerland by what was then SIG Arms AG, it is manufactured in Eckernförde, Germany, by subsidiary J.P. Sauer und Sohn GmbH. It uses the Browning linkless cam short recoil action of self-loading with a double-action/single-action (DA/SA) trigger mechanism. The P220 was the basis of what is now a large family, including the P225, P226, P228 and P229 pistols, which are in service in the armed forces and police of many countries.
The SIG P220 was developed for the Swiss Army as a replacement for the SIG P210, which had been developed during World War II; in service it is known as "Pistole 75" (P75). For development of the P220, SIG collaborated with J.P. Sauer & Sohn of Germany, thus, the P220 and all subsequent pistols from SIG are properly known as SIG Sauer pistols.

In 1975, Switzerland became the first nation to officially adopt the P220 as the "Pistole 75" (P75) chambered in 9 mm Parabellum. Other nations to adopt it for military use include Japan and Denmark though only to special forces. It was succeeded by the SIG Sauer P226.

Upon completion of their military service, commissioned officers of the Swiss armed forces can obtain ownership of their P220 service pistols by paying an administrative fee of thirty Swiss francs.

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