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Why PFC is not a Blank Fire Gun

  Blank Fire ( Specifically Designed Blank Fire Replicas ) PFC ( Plug Fire Cap )
Material Used Steel, Hardened Alloys, and Polymer Die Cast or Plastic
Ammunition 7-9mm PAK Blank Rounds 5mm or 7mm Childs Cap*
Power Of Ammunition 95 - 150 Grain Childs Cap*
Noise in DB Full Sound 130-180db Muffled Childs Cap 35-45db
Strength to withstand full Charge Ballistics Yes No
Designed as Childs Toy No Yes**
Chamber and Fire Real Ammo No No
Will Cycle/Fire Blank Ammo ( PAK ) Yes No
Can Propel or Launch an object
lodged in mechanism
Yes No
Venting of high pressure gases Yes, Top, Side or Front None required - Childs Cap*
Firing Pin Yes No***


* These PFC "Caps" use a type of powder/propellant that is corrosive to both metal and plastic. They require much cleaning and vigilant maintenance. They are also very "Very Quiet" compared to a real blank firing only non- gun .
Sometimes these are called "Blank Guns" by less than knowledgeable (Or Honest) dealers and some Australian State and Federal Personnel, but a blank gun, when referred to PFC, is a misnomer, and in point of fact, a gross overstatement.
A PFC gun is not a true blank gun. It's not even close, and for many people do not provide enough satisfaction, if used as intended, to justify the maintenance. They are also in general, "Jam Prone".
Most collectors never fire their PFC guns. Most collectors enjoy these as static replicas, and PFC guns enjoy almost a cult status among replica gun collectors.

PFC Caps are not availble in Australia due to strict Japanese Export Restrictions, we do not supply them.
We sell these as Model Guns, as most collectors do not want to fire Caps in them due to the corrosion and damage they cause as mentioned above.


** Originally designed in Japan, the PFC standard meets the strictest scrutiny in countries that have the strictest Gun Laws.
PFC is available to 12 Year Olds and up almost world wide,  and the technology used is very specific, to ensure the highest safety standards.
Metallurgy, Plastic Composition, scale of parts etc. have all been designed in great detail to ensure that the PFC standard is...

1. Un modifiable, and cannot fit real parts.
2. Quiet and safe as a child's Cap Gun ( Actually most PFC is quieter and safer than a common "RED CAP" cap gun )
3. Meets the highest safety standards so they can be sold to 12 Year olds and up, in countries that allow  replica guns without license or permit system. eg. UK, Ireland, EU, Japan, New Zealand etc etc.. 98% of all countries.


*** PFC uses a Compression Hammer, not a firing pin. Unlike a Blank gun Firing Pin that strikes a primer. A PFC Replica uses a hammer, sometimes confused as a firing pin by less knowledgable people, that compresses the CAP against the PFC Barrel Pin. This is to ensure the PFC replica can never be operated as a real or Blank Fire Replica.
These are normally plasitc hammers or within a plastic housing, making PFC replica extremely safe.

Please note, the diagram below shows that the functioning mechinism of a PFC Replica Gun is nothing like a real gun, or a Blank Fire. The Cap is compressed, not struck, like a Blank Fire or Real gun. The PFC Barrel pin is compressed against the Firing Hammer.

Border Force Statement and Testing Criteria Quote..
“ To be a blank firing firearm, it has to fire ‘blank fire ammunition’, which is essentially the same as normal centrefire rounds minus the projectile.”

Even Blank Fire guns that are specifically Blank Fire can injure or kill.
Because of the power of a Blank Round, an object can get lodged in the firing mechanism and be propelled at lethal
velocity. This is how Jason Lee ( Bruce Lee's Son ) was killed, and an actor in QLD in 2017 was killed, even under armourers supervision.
PFC does not have the power ( Ballistic Energy ) to propel or Launch anything, and uses a blow back energy,
and fully blocked barrel etc..

PFC Replicas have a 100% record of being 100% Safe.
( Data from Japanese Government Body. )

We believe that all Film Production in Australia should be using this 100% safe standard.
Some complain they are too quiet, for Film Production… but today all "SHOTS" in film are dubbed anyway.

We at Jasper Co are trying very hard to make the Film and Replica Gun Collectors industry in Australia as safe as possible,
and PFC is the perfect answer, as it has been for so many other countries.
( UK, EU, US, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc. etc. etc. )
It is time Australian Authorties and Film Producers improves its safety standards to save lives, and make all these industries safer.

Border Force Australia
Australian And Japanese Firearms Specialists And Toy Designers


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We will ask for ID and Permits when required.

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